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Granby Centre of Natural Therapy
100 Granby St
Toronto, On, M5B 1J1


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If you use the TTC subway make sure to get off at College St.
From there, you can either walk or take the streetcar one block east to Church St., where you get off. Cross Church St. to the east side, then walk down Church to the south till Granby St.
Turn left onto Granby St., where you will find 100 Granby, on the north side of the street.

If you arrive by car, please be aware that Granby St. is a one-way street, running from Mutual St. to Church St.

This means that you should turn onto McGill St., then left onto Mutual St., and lastly turn left onto Granby St. You will find parking on the south side of Granby St. It is two hour paid parking, so there are usually vacant parking places available.
However, should all parking spaces be taken, you have a chance of finding parking by turning left onto the left side of Granby St. shortly before Church St. you will find a little parking lot.

How to Reach Me

hypnosis granby st

I live and work in the vibrant cosmopolitan city of Toronto, located in Ontario Canada. My office is located in the Granby Centre of Natural Therapy, in downtown Toronto at:


100 Granby Street,
Toronto, On, Canada.


If you have questions, or wish to book a session, please call me at:



The fee for hypnosis depends on what you wish to work with. Please call me to get a quote. Remember to tell me what you wish to deal with in hypnosis.

Phone Sessions

I can also work with you on the phone. If you are unable to come to my office, for whatever reason.


I can perform hypnosis over the phone. For phone hypnosis, a speaker phone or headset is required. This is so you can talk with me without having to focus on holding the receiver.