Hypnosis and Low Fertility in Women

I read in the news just last week that the world’s population will reach a staggering 7 billion by the end of October, yes, by the end of this month. This is a cause of concern because the world’s resources are dwindling. But, there is another side to this issue. A lot of families, especially in the West still have trouble with having just one child. Low fertility among women is a real and valid concern.

Most people attribute the fall in fertility rates to a shift in personal preferences over the size of the family. But the difficulty of having children is a different concern. Alicia Adsera, author of a study called Vanishing Children: From High Unemployment to Low Fertility in Developed Countries wrote that “As women have joined the labor force, fertility rates have adjusted as a function of the institutional structures that shape the job market and determine its long-run unemployment rate.” In other words, among the factors are the stresses that women experience in their bodies because of their careers and jobs has affected their capacity to bear a child.

Stress is proven to affect many physical functions in our bodies such as causing an imbalance in the hormones. The effect on the hormones can either prevent the egg from being released or prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus.

One of the best methods of reducing stress and creating positive energy is hypnosis – the experience of deep relaxation enhances the immune system, restores hormonal balance and creates the change needed to have a healthy body that will accept and nurture a pregnancy.


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