The Use of Modern Communications in Healing

When culture and technology evolve, the rest of human practices should grow with it. It is now acceptable to get a college degree online. Some doctors provide initial diagnosis using the internet. Lawyering is now done online. Financial transactions can be done using online accounts. So, it is not a far- fetched idea that counseling, healing and therapy are done online as well.

The internet, phone, chat, social media, and use of audio guides are now being used for healing and self-help. Amidst our busy lives we can be able to seek psychological help with the aid of the health expert’s right in our office or at home. Stress and conflicts brought about by our daily events in our lives can be addressed by using these technologies.

Online healing by means of email, real time chat and video conferencing is widely used by people who are living in remote areas where psychiatric help is not accessible likewise to those who are disabled or homebound. There are also people that prefer writing their concerns rather than seeing a health professional in person, that way they can discuss their problem freely without hesitation. But this method has a limited scope for this is not applicable to people with complicated problems and serious illnesses for these requires face to face settings and online therapist should be able to see the important facial expressions, vocal signs and body language to deal with these situations. The other hindrance of online counseling is the confidentiality and privacy issue where other people will gain access with your email accounts. And worst when you will not be able to reach your counselor when your computer and internet services breaks down.

One can also seek psychological help through phone counseling. Therapist can give advice to clients who are anxious to discuss their concerns and prefer to talk over on the phone. The effectiveness of this method is obtain when the problem is diagnosed properly and this setting by its nature allow the clients to focused on issues they want to transformed. Although phone therapy is better suited to address only certain types of problems this is still convenient and cost effective to those people who cannot travel allowing those clients to have their healing sessions done in their own home.

Lastly healing is obtainable by the use of self hypnosis with the aid of audio guides. Self hypnosis is a powerful tool to facilitate change and a deeper understanding to this process can bring out successful results for personal improvement. Some hypnotists use brainwave entrainment effects in their MP3’s which introduces binaural beats to stimulate the brain. Our brain is working at a certain frequency in our day to day activities, and binaural beats are designed to achieve successful results that associate the metaphysical abilities to the exact frequencies. This is done by playing two separate tones with specific frequency in each ear. The frequency range between two tones creates a third “binaural tone” in the mind which your brainwaves entrain to. When these frequencies are changed you will become a more empowered individual with extraordinary capabilities.


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